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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about?

Victory Handheld and Backpack Sprayers delivered before November 5, 2020 include a battery that may allow liquid into the battery.  Victory Innovations has decided to employ an abundance of caution and voluntarily recall these batteries.  Victory has proactively worked with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to both register this recall and coordinate with the agency for consumer communication and compliance.

What is the issue with battery?

The affected batteries, when exposed to water/liquid ingress, have overheated and in some cases emitted flames.  Victory Innovations has received no reports of anyone being seriously harmed or injured from a battery incident, nor has this defect caused any fatalities.  Victory has done extensive testing to try and replicate this defect and has found no consistent pattern to either the amount of water/liquid required to create this defect or length of time required for exposure to water/liquid.  Again, out of an abundance of caution, Victory has chosen to proactively replace your affected battery at no charge to you.

How do I know If I have an affected battery?

It is visually very easy to determine.  Turn your battery so the back is facing you.  A new battery will have rubber plugs covering the screw heads and the affected battery will show the screw heads.

How do I get a replacement battery?

Please follow the steps on the battery recall website:  If you need additional assistance, you can call 888-674-2482, Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.

Can I still use my battery?

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled sprayers, remove the battery and dispose it in accordance with local laws for disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

How long will it take for my replacement orders to ship?

Once all the information is collected and verified, new shipments should ship in 48 hours.

Can I keep my old battery as a spare?

No, we are requesting that you to dispose of the affected battery properly once you receive the new battery.

What do I do with my old battery?

We are requesting that you dispose of your battery properly.  Please check your local recycling facilities and options in your area.

What is the size of the problem?

Victory Innovations has sold over 400,000 electrostatic sprayers worldwide and to date, we have identified a limited number of incidents.

When will the issue be fixed?

As of November 5,2020, all shipments from Victory have been corrected.  Victory is now producing a new battery with additional safety features.  This new battery has been extensively tested and is very robust.  This is the battery you will receive as a replacement.

How long do I have to replace my battery?

Victory has not yet established a deadline for replacements but would like to replace the affected batteries as soon as possible.

Can I get a new unit?

No, the recall is only for the battery.  If your battery is determined to be affected, you can receive a new battery at no charge.

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